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In a nutshell, I’m a working IT professional whose specialty is software test. My hobbies and interests include theology, politics, writing, photography, travel, music, and movies.

My blog provides a forum for anyone interested in discussing topics related to Christian theology unfettered by denominational biases and tradition. As a result, my doctrinal positions and Scripture interpretations may seem a little unorthodox to some readers. However, as a software tester by profession, I tend to read the biblical writings as I would a software specification that is, I look for the exact meaning of words while adhering to the literal school of interpretation unless the context dictates otherwise.

It’s been said that “Religion and politics don’t mix,” but since I’ve taken the position that “Politics and religion are two sides of the same coin,” many of my blog posts contain political opinion and commentary.

In addition to my blog content, I’ve also included essays on various topics such as: health & fitness, music, religion, and various other subjects. You’ll also find travelogues, speech transcripts, and documentation on a few computer-related projects I’ve tackled.

My Work Portfolio consists of resumes and professional publications along with scripting language examples developed over the course of many years working with automated test tools.

My photo gallery includes a collection of personal favorites, travel destinations, Florida locales, space launches, and Phan Rang AB, Vietnam circa 1971-72.

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