In the Crosshairs: Trump & the GOP

There are more declared Republican Presidential candidates that you can shake a stick at—seventeen to be exact. Nevertheless, only the top ten will be participating in the first debate on August 6, 2015. Many of the contenders scheduled to participate in the upcoming debate will come as no surprise to anyone: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and others. However, the one candidate who has surprised everyone, including the entire GOP party machine, is none other than Donald Trump.

Who could have predicted that Trump, the highly successful businessman, real estate mogul, author and TV celebrity would be taking the stage with the best that the GOP has to offer? And not only will he be taking the stage, he will be taking the stage as the frontrunner! The fact that he has risen so fast in the polls without the benefit of being a professional politician is extraordinary to say the least. But this exemplifies what America is all about, extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

While Trump may be doing well in the polls, not everyone is thrilled by Donald Trump’s accomplishments. The Democrats and their liberal hacks in the mainstream media are doing their best to marginalize and ridicule Trump’s candidacy, saying that he is the best thing that could happen for the Democrats. Obviously, they think that the entire electorate is either made up of idiots or that Trump’s straight talk will get him in trouble with the PC police. On the contrary, the more he says, the more people want to hear.

Straight talk is a trademark of Trump’s personality and style. Not everyone is going to like it, yet thinking people will eventually look past the delivery and start to focus on the message.

Straight talk to a politician is like garlic to a vampire; they just can’t stand it.

Enter Senator John McCain, one of the undead in the GOP, is a politician who can’t stand straight talk. McCain took offense by what Trump said about illegal immigration during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. How dare he invade McCain’s sacred territory and draw attention to the senator’s failure to enforce the law by securing the border. McCain then attacked Trump by saying he had “fired up the crazies.”

Since McCain drew “first blood,” Trump decided to retaliate with his now infamous remark: “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK?” In some cultures, being captured by the enemy is a cause for shame, not celebration. Nevertheless, if McCain thinks that everyone should continue to bow down to him as a war hero, there’s nothing that anyone can do or say that will change his mind. After all, look at how far being a Vietnam War hero has gotten John Kerry.

I’ve always thought that the real heroes in war were those on the winning side. Vietnam was a lost war for a lost cause that was unpopular then and is most likely just as unpopular now. Nobody really cares to hear about it anymore. McCain needs to get over it.

Taking into account that McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for over 5 years, you’d think that would have toughened him up a bit. Again, just the opposite is true. In 2008 McCain ran a feckless campaign for President of the United States and was trounced by Barack Obama. He wouldn’t even have gotten as many votes as he did if it were not for his running mate Sarah Palin.

So, in a desperate attempt to smear Donald Trump, McCain criticized him for his past liberal leanings and for being a Democratic supporter. McCain must have forgotten that the patron saint of the GOP, Ronald Reagan, was himself a hardcore Democrat early in his career. Everyone is a Democrat until they either grow up or come to their senses.

The first GOP Presidential debate takes place tonight. It’s expected to be one of the most interesting debates in recent memory, maybe even in U.S. history.

In the end, Trump may not win the nomination, but he has made one thing perfectly clear, he will not go out quietly!

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