Test Case and Test Script Naming Conventions

Merrill Lynch


A naming convention I proposed while working on the TGA project at Merrill Lynch. The naming rules are stated in a modified BNF notation. My changes to the standard notation include the following:

  • Rules are enclosed in braces ( { } )
  • Pipe characters ( || ) denote concatenation
  • Comments are used in rule specifications

Test Script Conventions

The Test Plans and Scripts are in DOS compatible 8.3 format and are named as follows:

Test Plan Examples:  Client.pln, News.doc
Test Script Examples:  PosSec.t, AllocDet.doc

Naming Conventions for Include Files

Include File Examples:  Client.inc, GUIs0001.inc

 Naming Conventions for BitMap Files

BitMap File Examples:  Cl_00001.bmp, Sh_00400.bmp

Naming Conventions for Option Files

Option File Example:  joannJ.opt

Test Case Naming Conventions

 Sample Test Case Names

Test Case Description: Navigate to the Client Book.


Test Case Descripton: Verify variance amounts sum to 0.


Test Case Description: Verify Sort buttons are disabled.


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