The Road So Far

Happy New Year! Yes, I know that we are already well into 2015 for those of us on the Gregorian calendar, but only two days ago it was Chinese New Year 4712, the Year of the Sheep.

I’ve taken a short hiatus from my postings during the holidays in order to take a short vacation, relax, and take care of some usual end-of-year computer maintenance chores. This year I had to include monitor calibration in my routine since I discovered many of the photos I submitted to an on-line print service came back too dark.

I think I’ve covered a lot of ground in the past year and a half. My intent was to define a belief system which would serve as the context from which all succeeding Scripture interpretations could be derived.

From a quick glance in the rear view mirror we can see the following key points:

  • All of Adam’s descendants are guilty of Adam’s sin not just the consequences
  • One of the consequences of Adam’s sin was spiritual death
  • A person in the state of spiritual death is unable to understand spiritual things
  • The natural man (unsaved, spiritually dead) must first be born again in order to be saved
  • Salvation is entirely the work of God and cannot be acquired through man’s own initiative or actions
  • A spiritually born again person cannot lose their salvation
  • Free will is a misconstruction of the Scripture’s teaching on God’s sovereignty

Salvation is a fundamental concept to the Christian faith. It is my position that a person’s entire understanding of Scripture is influenced (or shall I say determined) by their belief in how a person becomes saved; either through free will or by election. If you believe that the Scripture teaches that all Adam’s descendants are born spiritually dead, then you are not left with much choice but to also believe in election because to believe in Jesus is an act of faith which is only possible if a person has been first spiritually reborn.

Along the way, in addition to salvation, I’ve also thrown in discussions on Bible translations; testings versus temptations; free will versus destiny; God’s calling; and yes, even space travel! I’ve also posted analyses of some popular movies in order to expound upon my previously stated beliefs.

But that was then…now I plan to turn my attention to the End Times.

The title and some literary devices used in this posting were inspired by the Warner Bros. Television series Supernatural.

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